Biobased polymers

Tricas is proud to cooperate together with biobased initiator Damir Perkic, the founder of Be-O.

The founder of Be-O, Damir Perkic, worked as a Business Development Manager at one of the largest plastic manufacturers in the world. It shocked him to see how the world put so much effort in reducing the CO2 emissions, while the plastic industry remained anxiously stuck with fossil materials for their plastics.

Bioplastics are made from renewable materials such as sugar cane, sugar beet, corn, starch and other sources. These plants extract CO2 from the air during growth and produce oxygen. Thus, they could provide a CO2 neutral process, which is not the case when using plastics made from a fossil material like oil.

About 99% of the 311 million tons of plastic produced yearly is still made from oil. Through his search for alternatives, he has become an expert in bioplastics. After a while, he realized that he could only change the plastic industry by changing the demand from the consumer. In other words; by telling the honest story about plastic and offering well-designed reusable products made from bioplastics.

The Be-O bottle is the world’s first modular, reusable water bottle made from residual material from sugarcane. This way we give you the option to choose for renewable, biobased plastics instead of bottles made from oil plastics, which is a fossil material. In short: a uniquely designed water bottle which is also made from a sustainable material.