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XTS machine line

Grippers and movers

TRICAS has redesigned the grippers and movers of the high-speed XTS packaging line.

The gripper of the XTS machine line is optimized by topology and engineered to a suitable geometry for functional high-end 3D-printing technology. The final material is a combination of polymer and metal. This method creates the possibility of production on-demand.




To a Next Generation Solution

Also the user interface is upgraded to a Next Generation Solution.

Augmented Reality is integrated in the user interface of the packaging line. By using a tablet (or later on glasses) the system can be controlled.



Next step

Integrating predictive maintenance

The next step is integrating predictive maintenance. By adding intelligence the system communicates with the user and informs about the actual status including when maintenance is needed.


-Weight reduction (increase speed of machine and reduction of wear)
-Cost reduction
-Short-time production
-Flexible production (3D-printer next to machine line)
-Next Generation user interface
-Predictive maintenance