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Biobased reusable bottle

The Be-O bottle is the world’s first modular, reusable water bottle made from residual material from sugarcane. This way we give you the option to choose for renewable, biobased plastics instead of bottles made from oil plastics, which is a fossil material. In short: a uniquely designed water bottle which is also made from a sustainable material.

The Be-O bottle is easy to clean since it can be simply screwed apart. And if you want to store the bottle you can slide both parts in each other and this way you can save 40% space.



White, blue and green

The Be-O bottle will be sold in three different colours; white, blue and green. Each colour symbolizes one of the three non-profit organizations which we support.

For each bottle sold during the Kickstarter campaign we will donate €1,- to one of these organizations, which also commit to change the plastic industry on their own way.