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Project Manager

Welcome René

At the beginning of April I started my new job at  TRICAS. I will fulfill the role of project manager, helping  TRICAS to deliver innovative next generation products on time and on target.


My name is René van de Meeberg. I have a background in mechanical engineering (BSc) with a focus on industrial product development. With many years of experience managing projects in a varying range of big industrial companies operating in automotive industry to Li-ion Battery modules, I will now have the opportunity to apply all the skills I have mastered to the innovative and wide range of product categories that TRICAS delivers to its clients.


Like many other TRICAS colleagues, my creative heart continues to beat after work, resulting in new ideas in and around our home. It sometimes result in proof of principles for technical solutions that won`t change the world but are a lot of fun! Next to that I`m a father of two daughters of 8 and 10 years old. I also love spending time outdoor, such as camping and hiking, with my family and our dog.


I am excited to now be a part of the  TRICAS team, delivering innovative Next Generation Products together with and for our clients.