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Perform iterations and optimisations before starting prototyping and testing.

TRICAS is constantly working on accelerating design processes and supporting innovations.

In order to achieve this, we perform iterations and optimisations before we even start prototyping and testing.

Early prediction of how PVOH film material behaves during the production process is an example of this.

We have a lot of experience and expertise in developing a wide range of water-soluble dishwasher and washing machine pouches and we continue to evolve.


Software platform

Determine whether the result is still strong enough

The water soluble material PVOH, from which the pods are made, is a hyperelastic material that can easily be stretched up to 4 times its original surface to form the most amazing shapes.

Stretching the material reduces the wall thickness of the material, which can affect the robustness of the pouch.

PVOH is a complex material, difficult to simulate with standard simulation software. In order to predict how this PVOH film material behaves during the production process, TRICAS has developed, together with partners, a dedicated software platform to simulate this complex material. With this tool we can predict the residual wall thickness, determine whether the result is still strong enough and see the influence of the material on the desired design.

Result: a product design that matches the geometry and material thickness of the mass-produced end product. Because of this, trial & errors are prevented during production.


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