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High-level details

Working for a variety of industries is what makes life at TRICAS interesting.

Learning from applications in one industry and applying these learnings in another almost always results in innovative solutions.
For this to work, an in-depth, but also a high-level, understanding is needed of the various aspects that make solutions work.

In the presented image such a cross-over is shown.

Cross-over design details

Here, we see both a miniaturized bracket that is meant for securing an electrical connection in a consumer product, as well as a robust hinge designed to carry relative heavy loads. One needs to perform its function in a static setting, while the other’s function is a dynamic one.

Yet, despite the differences in use, loads and dimensions, the high-level design details are similar. Understanding the materials, their possibilities and limitations ensured that the parts were designed, simulated, prototyped and verified in quick succession, resulting in short lead times and an (almost) first time right approach.