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Discover the HoloHelmet

Working in the construction industry?

Do you work in the construction industry? Then you must know all about current and future quality regulations. Nothing extraordinary of course, until you discover the HoloHelmet from Building Virtuality.

This helmet has a built-in Hololens, which, thanks to the AR glasses, allows you to see both the real world as well as the virtual “supplemented” world simultaneously, including the construction work to be done. Indoors, but also outdoors! And this in part made possible by TRICAS.


Cool advantages

But how?

The advantage of the HoloHelmet is that only 1 person (and therefore 1 HoloHelmet) is needed to perform the mandatory checks and measurements at the construction site. This will save you working hours. You can greatly simplify operations. AND you avoid failure costs by eliminating misinterpretation.

First of all, you should know that TRICAS has been collaborating with Building Virtuality for years on various innovative products that enable the Dutch construction, installation and prefabrication world to build smarter and faster. In the case of the HoloHelmet, we developed, tested, validated and implemented the desired and necessary GPS systems for the helmet. That’s the story in a nutshell.


You want details?

Here are the details!

Building Virtuality asked us to develop a Proof-of-Principle for a helmet-mounted sensor system that allows the HoloLens to locate and position itself outside a building. And all this with an accuracy of mere centimeters. So we got to work.

First, we researched different systems, after which we selected a GNSS+RTK system with a very accurate compass. The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) uses multiple navigation satellite constellations to position itself. To achieve the desired accuracy, we extended the system with a local RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) base station. This base station sends correction data to the Rover and provides highly accurate positioning localization. To provide the HoloLens with the additional sensor information, we ensured that the GNSS and compass data communicate wirelessly with the HoloLens via Bluetooth. Et violà!



Why Building Virtuality turned to non other than TRICAS

Are you wondering why Building Virtuality turned to non other than TRICAS for the development of the HoloHelmet? Because we have all the desired disciplines in-house and can therefore quickly develop an operational and integrated system of mechanics, electronics and software.

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