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High performance

The most powerful UV curing device

Together with our innovative client EMM International we have developed the most powerful UV curing device for the painting industry!


Due to the synergistic development of mechanics, electronics and firmware we were able to create this fully integrated high performance device in a short lead time.


This powerful device is equipped with high intensity UV LEDs and cures UV-paints, -primers and -body fillers with more than 200 mW/cm2 power. Thermal simulations and real life testing have ensured an optimal heat management to guarantee a long lifetime.


Besides the functional aspects of this high-end product, the designers of our development team have succeeded in creating an optimal product experience by integrating a professional look & feel, an ergonomic user experience and a robust product design.


During the development we have made multiple functional prototypes for both field tests and pre-compliance tests. After the approval by a Notified Body (Dekra) we have engineered the production files and together with our production partner (Prolution) the production has been started.




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