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Devices are getting more and more connected

Everyday devices are getting more and more connected. Devices are connecting with each other directly and are connecting to a larger network through the internet. At the same time, the dimensions of devices need to be optimized to perfectly fit the desired function and the user.


Integration is key. Developing electronics, firmware and mechanics in parallel ensures that all these disciplines work together towards a common goal of delivering the most optimal product for our clients.


This is exactly what we at TRICAS are passionate about. Our experienced team of product developers, electronics engineers and firmware specialists is dedicated to developing next generation products, either for a technology enabler (Proof of Principle/demonstrator) or for high-volume and mass production.


Since electronics and firmware are often deeply embedded in the product’s design, we have specific knowledge of analogue and digital electronics, RF/microwave- and embedded systems. Because next generation products are all about the latest innovations in technology, we also invest in staying up to date about future trends and the latest technology research.



Are you interested in learning more about TRICAS and how we can help you develop your next generation product then please get in touch.