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User Interface

Coding & Testing

Together with our innovative client Eggciting products we have developed another revolutionary device based on patented technology.

The Eggcheff Scrambled can make scrambled eggs within a single minute. This innovative device is complementary to our previously developed Eggcheff Cooker. Together, these two devices pave the way for a completely new breakfast experience.

Our multidisciplinary team has developed the complete integrated device, including a number of innovative solutions for creating a smooth food experience. To create the optimal structure of the scrambled egg, a maintenance-free mixing mechanism as well as an integrated spoon dosing system are included in this device, aimed at serving a ready-to-eat meal. The scrambled egg is served in a cup, including a spoon, ready for a quick, tasty and healthy breakfast.

As well as developing all the technical solutions (mechanical and electronic) on the inside of this food preparation device, our team has designed the product’s appearance as well as the intuitive user interface. Professional coding and extensive product testing ensure a hassle-free user experience.

In aid of the product’s market introduction we have supported our client by delivering high-end and fully functional prototypes similar to a market-ready product.



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