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Sustainable development

Is good for both the environment and marketing

A climate neutral economy by 2050; that is the objective of the European Union’s “European Green Deal”. In order to reach this objective, many steps have to be taken. At TRICAS, we view laws and regulations relating to Right to Repair, Recycling, Re-use and Refurbish not as obligatory inconveniences, but as opportunities.

By exploring these themes to the fullest and capitalizing on the opportunities discovered, we can develop sustainable products that are not just better for the environment, nut they are also a powerful marketing tool for our customers. In other words: a win-win situation!


Sustainable approach

“The way we work”

Just to be clear: at TRICAS, we are intrinsically motivated to always develop better and more sustainable products . This is not a sales pitch, this is the way we work.

In practice, this means we are constantly researching ways to utilize the changing laws and regulations surrounding sustainability in a positive way in product development for our customers.



Arising from Right to Repair

Take for instance the topic Right to Repair, in other words: making products repairable. Our research indicates that only certain energy-intensive product groups, such as air conditioners, are currently affected by these laws and regulations.

But in the near future, more and more devices will need to be repairable in order to reduce the amount of electronic waste. However, the big question is: Should this new product be just repairable? Or should you also provide end users with spare parts, supporting software updates and information on the degree of repairability?


We advise our customers to choose the latter option, as this will not just create a sustainable product, but it will also become a strong marketing tool.



Let’s Recycle, Re-use and Refurbish!

Thanks to various customer inquiries, we have conducted in-depth research on the topics of Right to Repair and Recycling. We have put the knowledge we have gained to full use in the development and realization of sustainable products. And soon we are going delve deeply into the Re-use and Refurbish themes.

Who knows what opportunities we will discover and start capitalizing on in these areas….


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