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Van den Berg Trainingen & Advies

Do you know what we really love at TRICAS? Developing innovative products for our clients. And we are good at it too!


This is mainly because all 25 professionals in our team have individual talents. In the field of mechanical designing, electronic designing or industrial designing, for example. By combining these talents, we achieve the best results.


What we learned?

Focus on Talents

To make sure we implement, combine and value our talents even better, TRICAS attended the “Focus on Talents” workshop at Van den Berg Trainingen & Advies.


What we learned? How our organization can make even better use of its talents. Which activities do or don’t give us energy. And how we can maximally combine our own qualities with those of our colleagues in our daily work. Perfect, of course, because this results in new, innovative products for our clients. Every day at TRICAS confirms the cliché that teamwork is worth its weight in gold, because we know that working together gets you further.