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Heart of high-end innovation and technology of Zwolle

Exactly one year ago TRICAS moved from the Popovstraat to its new location in Perron038 at the Hanzelaan in Zwolle.

The surroundings are in full development. In the coming years the area will be transformed into a green environment where living and working are combined. All this in the vicinity of Zwolle station, which makes the accessibility optimal.

Once this was an enclosed area where coarse manufacturing was located and heavy maintenance was carried out.

The inspiring surroundings of the 19th century train hangar and the beautiful integration of the modern working environment in this historic building appeal to the imagination.

Bringing together innovative companies and educational institutions in Perron038 ensures optimal cooperation.

The parties know how to inspire each other. As they are all located at Perron038, cooperation is fast and efficient. The proximity of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and the many events organized from Perron038 contribute to the new phase in which we as TRICAS find ourselves.