Tricas is celebrating its 18th anniversary.

20 March 2018 is a special day for Tricas Industrial Design and Engineering. On that day we celebrate that we exist for 18 years. We look back on beautiful years created by our team and our clients. New knowledge and technology inspire us every day and challenge us to design new products.

We can proudly say that we are successful in this. Our team has now expanded considerably. Together we stand for innovation and quality. We receive nice assignments from our clients. Assignments that stimulate us to use and apply new knowledge and possibilities. From design to production of a usable product.

The strength of Tricas is that it is a multidisciplinary team. That works on a large amount of assignments with a high diversity. She is always looking for ways to improve and distinguish herself. The Tricas Industrial Design and Engineering team is looking forward to the future! 2018 will definitely bring many fantastic creations.