Tricas 20 years

It's a strange moment to celebrate our Tricas 20th anniversary, currently there are other priorities... But nevertheless we will take a moment to reflect on our 20 years of existence.

The Tricas journey started 20 years ago. Three friends founded Tricas during their internship and graduation in Mechanical Engineering (and of course the pub). The core business of the company started as industrial design. The first three years can be described as a lot of challenges (no network, no clients and limited experience...), but it was a great adventure!
We learned a lot both in the field of work as also in the entrepreneurship. After building up knowledge and experience, we started to expand our team with colleagues from various disciplines. And we invested in new equipment and software (3D printers, FEM software, testing facilities, ....). More and more we understand our clients and their future needs. Tricas is adapting to the (future) needs of its clients (both SME as multinationals). At  this moment we are working with a fantastic team of more than 20 miracle workers from mechanical, electronics and software expertises. With this great team we are developing Next Generation Products!! Ps. Our journey has just started ;-)