Matthijs Smits: My internship at Tricas

What appeals to me to do an internship at Tricas is the diversity of the projects and learning opportunities. The employees of Tricas like to see me develop and to learn more about the things I do. They encourage me to learn by running with as many different projects as possible. You also get a big responsibility. I get also each trainee practice assignments for solidworks. When it was needed, they gave me a second chance. They are very  understanding with special circumstances during your internship. With Tricas you always come to a good solution of your problem. Knowledge areas where I have learned at Tricas: • Do research. • Brainstorming, and creative thinking. • Form studies and design of ideas. • Elaborate ideas in 3D with the solidworks program at a high level. • Prototyping and the operation of the machines that go with it. • Presentation of Ideas / concepts to companies and the rest of the team. • Technologies and innovations.