Lois Dam about her internship at Tricas

The internship at Tricas taught me a lot about the design field. They include you in everything , so you learn every aspect of the business ranging from communications with clients to problems that arise with projects. The great thing is that they really listen to what you have to say. If ever I had an idea or maybe a solution to a problem, they always took me seriously and everyone was always willing to help. 
The variety of assignments was also very instructive. I have performed design studies, constructed SolidWorks models, led brainstorming sessions, worked out the effects of products and made all kinds of prototypes. SolidWorks was used in every project. I have learned a lot during the internship and can now make my ideas in to even better 3D models.
In short, it was a very wide-ranging and instructive internship with a great team.