Innovation Award EuroTier 2016

The Clip-On identification number has been rewarded by the Innovation Award EuroTier 2016! In cooperation with Akroh Industries, Tricas has developed the identification product for cows.

On many dairy farms, it is standard practice to identify cows by means of numbers placed on their collars, above all because the easily readable numbers facilitate visual identification. However, numbers on cows' collars can become soiled, damaged or even lost.

Tightening or replacing individual numbers can be very time-consuming, as animals need to be restrained to allow their collars to be removed, and collars often even need to be disassembled completely. AKROH Industries' CLIP-ON identification numbers make this process considerably easier. With these products, collars can remain on cows if numbers need to be changed or supplemented. Numbers to be replaced can be removed with combination pliers, and new numbers are simply clipped on.