Electronic cigarette development

ITM group
Together with the ITM group (TDC) we are developing next generation products for the electronic cigarette market. Our mission is to develop with and for clients next generation vapour products, which are suitable for high-speed production process and comply with the requirements of the legislation (TPD2) and the demands of consumer.

In our vision the current products on the market do not comply with the requirements of a safe and user-friendly consumer product. Most of the current products are based on hand-made production, very intensive labour. This results in a lack of quality and consistency of the product.

In our development approach we use crossover innovation, sourcing and using technologies and materials from other industries and integrating these in the design of e-cig products. To be a step ahead, we have developed the last years a lot of new concepts and prototypes for (sub)functionalities of the e-cig. All these ideas are processed in a morphological overview. By doing this we are ready for the future!

We believe the electronic cigarette has the potential to improve the quality of health for those who use them.