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The Customer’s request

‘Develop in the short term a functional UV curing lamp with a high-quality design that cures UV putty faster than curing lamps currently used in the automotive industry’.

That is the task that Gert-Jan van Driel, Business Development Manager at EMM International, put to TRICAS. ‘We ourselves don’t have the knowledge and competencies to develop a better UV curing lamp integrally and to tailor it to the end users and the production and marketing process.’


TRICAS’ approach

As with every project, we start by clearly identifying the wishes and needs of the client as well as the stakeholders,

so that we know exactly what requirements the future UV curing lamp has to meet. EMM International wants a functional UV-curing lamp with a high-quality design that cures UV putty in the automotive industry faster. The challenge is to develop a better product than the competition.



Therefore, we put together a TRICAS team that integrally examines the mechanical design, look & feel, thermodynamics and electronics of existing products in the market.

What technology is being used? What do we notice about the look & feel? And what is our first impression in terms of manufacturability?


The technology

The UV technology in the UV curing lamp must provide the distinctive performance.

Therefore, TRICAS performs various analyses on different UV spectra, matching light output, thermal management, energy consumption and connection to electronics. Through a loop of designing, prototyping, testing and validating, our engineers are able to get the best possible performance out of the product. For example, the new UV curing lamp is equipped with high-intensity UV LEDs with an output of more than 200 mW/cm2, curing both small and large surfaces in the fastest possible way.

It is not desirable for end users that the UV curing lamp has to cool down after use and is therefore temporarily not usable. This is why we develop a thermal management system based on thermal testing and simulation that allows the device to remain at the right  temperature at all times, both during short and long usage. In this way, we offer the end users of the UV curing lamp maximum efficiency and safety.


Look & Feel

The TRICAS team achieves the high-end look.

Parallel to the development of the technical heart of the new product, the TRICAS team searches for a high quality high-end look & feel compared to the existing curing lamps on the market. We use a Design DNA tool to identify the design requirements of both the customer and the end user.

The TRICAS team achieves the high-end look by implementing clear shapes, clean part lines and the right use of color and texture. This results in a UV curing lamp that radiates the speed with which it fulfills its function.



During the project we make several prototypes to test and validate the product.

We work together with notified bodies to ensure that the new UV curing lamp complies with standards and legislation. By applying the principles of Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly, we are able to ensure the manufacturability of the new UV curing lamp and guarantee the highest quality at the lowest production costs.

We are also developing a smart partitioning of the main shape, halving the number of injection molding tools required and achieving a high-end design where not a single screw is visible. This smart partitioning also results in a logical and robust assembly sequence and the possibility to easily repair the product, if necessary. Afterwards we hand the correct production and assembly documentation over to the client.


The results

‘We are very satisfied with the end result,’ says Gert-Jan van Driel of EMM International.

‘The end product has the desired high quality design, is easy to produce and offers the end user the flexibility and robustness that may be expected from this high-end UV-curing lamp.’

‘Thanks to the integral approach, TRICAS has developed the fastest and most powerful UV curing lamp in the world in a short period of time (link to website). Compared to the competition, this device significantly reduces the curing time of UV putties, assuring the end user time savings. In addition, TRICAS was able to create an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the existing curing lamps. Understanding of use, vision of identity and knowledge of engineering translated into a high-end product design that outperforms the competition. This makes our UV curing lamp unique and popular.’

‘The prototypes delivered by TRICAS during the development process enabled us to set up a successful marketing campaign around the new UV curing lamp even before production had started. And thanks to the distinctive technology, look & feel and manufacturability, we were able to achieve a successful product launch.

‘The TRICAS team regularly amazes us with the level of detail with which they work. The team members have technical know-how, knowledge of materials, practical experience and they are creative. If specific knowledge in a certain area is lacking, TRICAS will quickly call in external specialists from their excellent network. Moreover, TRICAS keeps a tight control on the project organization, so that agreements regarding time and money are met. I am looking forward with great pleasure to a next collaboration with TRICAS.’