Tricas specialises in product development. We have one mission; Together with and for our clients, developing innovative, attractive and feasible products; so called Next Generation Products.

Crossover innovation

Our proven and essential development strategy is crossover innovation. Crossover innovation is a method based upon sourcing knowledge, materials and technologies from one sector and integrating this into a product for a different sector. This approach results in out-of-the-box innovations bordered by feasibility.


We use a structured product development approach, in which aspects of design, user experience and functionality are as important as the technical and economic feasibility.

For most clients we take the responsibility of the total development of a Next Generation Product.  But we also support our clients with co-development by using one or more of our services:


  • Concept generation
  • Looks & feel
  • Material & production advice
  • Value engineering
  • FEM-analysis (structural & thermal)
  • Prototyping / additive manufacturing
  • Detail engineering
  • Mold design
  • Production supervision


About us

Tricas was founded in 2000 by Jorrit Achterkamp, Dennis Freië and Martijn Slettenhaar. Currently we are working with a wide partner network of specialists and we have a core team of 18 developers working with us from various disciplines. In our field of work the growth of knowledge and expertise on materials, technologies and methods is essential. Therefore we encourage and have the freedom within our team for personal development. This results in a continuously updated multidisciplinary approach to product development.