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New member

Electronics Team

Hi, my name is Niels Renting, 31 years old and I am the newest member of the TRICAS electronics development team.

After finishing my Bachelor’s in electrical engineering, with a focus on embedded electronics, I worked on the development of electronics for the last 5 years.

I specialize in the development of wirelessly connected and battery powered devices. The key challenge with these devices is to get several years of battery life, for example with 2 AA cells. In my previous job I worked on devices for the ‘Internet of Things’.
‘Internet of Things’ (IOT) is, as the name suggests, connecting standalone devices to the internet.

Wireless protocols I worked with extensively are Bluetooth low energy, GPRS (2.5G), LTE-M/NB-IOT (4G specially for IOT devices) and Wi-Fi.

I hope to use my knowledge and experience to further grow the electronics development team within TRICAS!

Niels Renting