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IPO, WTB & Electronics

Do you want to develop and gain knowledge and experience in a unique way?

Our team is ready to offer you the space to grow within a wide variety of innovative projects. As a full-fledged team member you will get to work and you will be challenged.

Open your mind!

Think out-of-the-box!

Our new location; a new innovative business group in Perron038, behind the Zwolle station.

Interested? Send your motivation, CV and portfolio to


Internship periods

There are two available internship periods.

Internship period February – June

  • Deadline portfolio, CV & motivation: Wk45
  • Selection candidates by Tricas: Wk46
  • Interviews selected candidates: Wk47/Wk48
  • Feedback candidates: Wk49

Internship period September – January

  • Deadline portfolio, CV & motivation: Wk20
  • Selection candidates by Tricas: Wk21
  • Interviews selected candidates: Wk22/Wk23
  • Feedback candidates: Wk23/June 1st