Tricas supports the IGLUNA-projectteam at universty of applied sciences Windesheim

Tricas supports a team of six students at the university of applied sciences Windesheim cooperating with Swiss Space Center (SSC) to develop a multi-tool for space-expeditions. Extreme conditions ask for creativity and high-standard solutions. Tricas likes to share knowledge and experience leading to constructive insights in a new space.
Basically the role of tricas is to support the student team where it concerns technical solutions and details. But from the first meeting on a procuctive mix of ideas arised, both concerning the project as a whole and its nessecary bounderies as well as the feasabilitiy of certain issues. The challange for tricas is to deliver a modest contribution of knowlegde and insight by experience without obstructing of the creativity. This apparant contradiction is an essential part of everyday activities at tricas. The extraterrestrial conditions defining the present mission give an exclusive opportunity for an adventurous way of thinking and for exceptional solutions. Also the exchange of uninhibited and proven ideas forms a valuable idea development for both the students and our professionals.