Tricas New Technologies

For several years, Tricas has used its own personalized database called “Solution Wizard”, built by Netivity. In this database, we store data regarding new technologies, as well as suppliers’ information from a range of industries. This way, we keep ourselves informed on the latest trends and technologies. The built-in search engine function enables us to easily retrieve information from the database.
All employees at Tricas have access to the Solution Wizard.
The design and engineering professionals at Tricas share their most recently found technological innovations in the Solution Wizard. Suppliers’ information can also be accessed here. All entries are accompanied by an image, basic details regarding the solution, as well as a few tags to find and retrieve the information from the database.
If, for example, you are looking for solutions for batteries, you simply search on the tag ‘battery’. A list of 44 items will then pop up varying from ‘bio battery’ to ‘paper battery’. The advantage, compared to a general internet search engine, is that the solutions listed are of interest to and meaningful for Tricas. You could say it is our own personalized Google!