Our new addition: the Formlabs Form2

The Formlabs Form 2 is an SLA printer and has a beam width of 140 μm and a Z resolution of 25-100 μm, so accurate prints can be made in different materials. This printer uses resin cartridges that make it possible to change materials quickly. Various resin are available, which means that transparent or flexible models can be printed, for example.
In addition, there is a High Temp resin with an HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature) of 289 ° C @ 0.45 MPa. This material is ideal for static applications under high temperatures. High Temp resin can also be used in production processes such as casting and thermoforming.
Tricas has purchased the complete system incl. Formlabs Form Wash and Formlabs Form Cure, making the models perfectly clean and Post-cured can be used.
This expansion ensures that we can realize and test our ideas even faster and better.