During my internship, I have worked on a variety of projects. One of them was a smart transport system within production environments called XTS. A miniaturized rollercoaster powered by electromagnets.

Tricas did several upgrades and research projects on this system which was originally developed by the ITMGroup. One of these research projects was about the possibility of measuring real-time machine conditions. In a former research, Tricas made an electronic device to measure the track conditions using a little leaf spring with a strain gauge mounted on one of the wagons. My internship was about generating metric data out of this measuring device. At the start of the project, the device was only generating digital outputs, which relates to a movement of the leaf spring. A research of material characteristics was required to visualise the stress strain behaviour of this leaf spring. This also proved that the current leaf spring was capable for our tests. Using a calibrated load cell, I eventually succeeded to make the transfer from digital outputs to metric values. This resulted in a batch of conversion factors, which gave us the track conditions within a certain margin.

Using those results Tricas can now improve the XTS; even the slightest machine wear was visible.