Start Construction/ research phase

After completing the concept phase, we started last week  the construction/research  phase. The research part will mainly focus on the chosen technologies and materials. Given the nature of these high-tech components, the search for the necessary information, specification and suppliers will be an important part of the research. In addition, the design of the product in this phase must accommodate all the desired technologies. the demand is also to make the product fully transparent in order to give the user an insight into the functions and interactions of the device. The use of a PCBA is not desirable from the customer's point of view, so integrated electronics in the housing is a challenge. 3D MID.
The construction phase mainly concerns the elaboration of the design. Ergonomic design is important for the end user to operate the device. In addition, the positions of the interactive sensors are leading in the volume of the design.
Harvesting energy is a major challenge, the chosen source provides too little energy to run the functionalities. So there is still something to do in the energy field.
To be continued