Research Brainstorm

Update after the Hackathon week in this educational Tricas research project.
Kick-off  March 2019: Concept phase
After the concept/idea presentation of the clients has been launched, various directions have been worked out for two days. After two days of the concept phase hackathon , surprising 8 concepts emerged. We invited our clients to join our meeting,  were we able to choose the direction of the end product. Of course, we keep the product secret and only show the process and progress.
Musthaves of Advanced technologies:
  • Liquid dosing and visualisation
  • Interactive light
  • 3D MID integrated electronics
  • Interaction with user (haptic feedback)
  • Heartrate sensoring (digital shadow of the user)
  • Energy harvesting
  • Nearby sensing
The next will be the Construction and research phase.
Construction principles of the suggested design and doing research after advanced technologies.
We will keep you informed